Have you ever wondered when your watch rolled off the assembly line at the factory? In other words, when was it manufactured? Questions relating to the production date of Seikos frequently pop up in various watch forums from time to time. And if you have that knowledge, you have an edge over the seller that could be very useful. Especially when it comes to bargaining for a better price for that new, old stock NOS Seiko that caught your fancy. File photo of a typical watch store in Kuala Lumpur. I have gotten a few discontinued Seikos in this manner, saying “Hey look, this watch is eight years old! Seikos with solid casebacks plastic, stainless steel or titanium will have the 6-digit serial number etched in a straight line. Here are three examples of Seiko casebacks depicting their serial numbers.

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Another British Military watch on the blog this time, and something of an enigma. The watch is very similar in style and size to the W10 made by Hamilton from and subsequently by CWC from and it shares all of the attributes required to adhere to the strict standards for military use. The case is opened by removing the crystal and splitting the two-piece stem, and inside is a 17 jewel, manually wound calibre made by A. It has a higher beat rate, 28, bph as opposed to 21, bph, and also has a micro-adjustment mechanism mounted on the balance cock for more accurate regulation.

Here is a picture of a cal. In the picture above, the stem is pushed all the way in — in the winding position — and so the stem presses on hacking lever, it pivots around the fixed axis just above the castle wheel and the lower arm of the lever releases the balance allowing it to rotate freely. The watch arrived in decent condition and needed no more than a movement service, a crystal polish and an ultrasonic clean for the case, so here it is all back in one piece. So, who made these watches?

With no markings on the dial, movement or inside the case, the jury is still out. It is thought that around were made, all of which were issued in This is around the time that the contract with Hamilton ended, and the new contract with CWC began, so could it be that this watch was a potential replacement for the Hamilton W10? Was an order for pieces placed as a trial before the contract was finally awarded to CWC? If so, why was it completely unbranded?

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Words By Zach Weiss Share this story: They are iconic, well made, collectable, gorgeous, historically significant and…affordable. Which is fantastic, because there are a plethora of models out there, some of which are more famous than others, and the relatively low price makes it possible to own a few. Back in , John Biggs put together a guide of classic Seiko movements, including the , which is a good starting point.

Then, you can search any of the forums and many thorough discussions amongst collectors will appear.


Following five long years of experimentation and not a little frustration, the brothers found a way to craft their watches using wood. Many of the watches are made from reclaimed woods. This means the wood on your bracelet or on the bezel has had a previous life. Once upon a time it could have been a basketball floor, a vintage Yankee stadium seat, an aged oak whiskey barrel or maybe a beer barrel brimming with ice cold German suds. Not only that, the wood on your watch is most probably older than you.

The brand regularly receives thousands of comments about their watches being conversation pieces and icebreakers. Each watch is made with authentic reclaimed wooden beer barrels, using a tempered carbonization process that extracts the utmost individuality from every ale-soaked artifact. There is such a beer. Then there are Original Grain watches made from genuine American whiskey barrels.

These majestic trees yield beautiful wood that gets inspected, air seasoned, treated, sanded, and cut to precision. Nearly a year later they are ready to be made into barrels.

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This is probably the most common question watch collectors have. Sometimes it is easy to answer, and sometimes it is impossible. There have been a lot of watch manufacturing companies that have come and gone over the years. Many have gone out of business, while others destroyed records to save space. Some companies as with the Gruen Watch Company , even lost rocords to fire or other natural disaster. The companies are not to blame.

is a specialist in supplying balancestaffs and windingstems for vintage and modern wristwatches, pocketwatches and small clocks.. We sell “new old stock” balancestaffs for many old watch and clock caliber. Our staffs are dating back to the year .

February 8, in Diver Tags: Opening the caseback revealed a Favre-Leuba cal. The calibre FL is the date only version of the FL which I wrote about in this post concerning a Sea Raider model from the same period. Both of these calibres were based on the A. Removing the bezel ring and crystal from the watch quickly revealed the source of the problem with the inner bezel — our old friend, emulsified gasket… always an unwelcome visitor!

The melted gasket was literally sticking the inner bezel to the crystal, and had to be very carefully removed to avoid it smearing all over the white inner bezel. The other problem was that the stem was broken. It had broken off flush with the threads of the crown and there was nothing to grip to try and remove the old stem, so I had no alternative but to fit a new crown and stem. With the movement serviced and the problems resolved, the case was cleaned and a new crystal gasket fitted before the watch was rebuilt.

Here is the result. As I mentioned in the Ultra-Chron post, high beat calibres were only made by a handful of manufacturers, Favre-Leuba being one of them releasing the cal.

Old Seiko Watches

The Seiko and series are the first fully integrated automatic chronograph in the world featuring column wheel and vertical coupling mechanism. With this movement, they have set the standard which was followed by the Swiss watch industries 20 years later. The same movement configuration was adopted by Rolex when it made its own in-house movement for Daytona in the year , 30 years after Seiko released the caliber and The was the successor of the automatic chronograph movement but produced in parallel until The was technically at least equal to his Swiss counterparts as it had a fully integrated chronograph.

There were two versions of the , the A introduced in had 21 jewels.

Submariner amazing patina and condition pertrified dial Submariner amazing patina and condition pertrified dial.

This page has moved, please click here for the new version The Seiko serial and movement number decoder This page is moving, please use this Seiko manufacture date decoder instead. It is the same database but on better hosting. Please update your links. Link to pics of some of my Seiko collection Enter the serial number and movement from your seiko watch in the boxes below.

The date of manufacture will then be calculated using the first 2 digits of the serial number and a database of movement manufacture dates. If data about the movement is missing or incomplete you will be returned more than one option. If you have any information about movements which is not complete in the database please email me and I will add them in. I give no gaurantee about the accuracy of this information, this site was built and hosted as a hobby only to help me identify my own watches and give a little back to the people who have helped me find all the information used in the database.

Please dont ask me to value any watches, I will only suggest you check sold items on ebay or put a request out in my retro Seiko forum. It is a little underpopulated at the moment but it does get quite a few hits, somebody may be able to help you. Have you found this page useful? Why not buy me a pint?

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Signs of aging and wear History of the caliber Knowing when the caliber was first made and ended production would the first useful clue. A very straightforward example is the automatic diver which was introduced in to replace the aging model whose production years ran from to The had a market life span of eight years and was shelved by mid replaced by the current 7s26 caliber. Pics courtesy of Chronograph. Seiko introduced these robust and workhorse calibers in and respectively.

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This M water resistant watch was available on US military bases and as such it became quite popular with US soldiers during the Vietnam war; there are many examples of G. Finding one in good condition can be tricky, but they are out there for a price. He explained that the crystal of the watch would frequently break as the diver ascended due to helium gas encountered in diving.

In addition there were concerns of the shock resistance of the watches as they would frequently stop when bumped against rocks encountered during dives. This last innovation eliminated the need for a helium escape valve that many Swiss brands had begun putting into their watch cases to bleed out the gas. In addition the watch looks like a big, beefy tool watch. It has a shrouded case, large arrow pointed hands and large luminous markers. The watch addressed all the concerns put forth by the professional diver who wrote to Seiko years earlier.

The watch was extremely successful and was the launch of the Seiko Professional Diver series, which continues today.

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Today, Felix kicks off a new series of posts aimed at highlighting the best “value” in mechanical wristwatches. Often times, we feel it is worth spending a little more to get a finely finished movement from a reputable brand, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. In this first post, Felix will run us through the important vintage Seiko chronographs of the s, why they are important, and what to look for when buying them.

This is a post you are going to love. Click through for the full story.


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