Share this article Share The children appear to be shocked that all three are women, but quickly begin quizzing them about their jobs. The revealing video was made by charity Inspiring the Future as part of their Redraw the Balance campaign. Lucy, a firefighter from the London Fire Brigade, Tamsin, an NHS surgeon, and Lauren, an RAF pilot then all come into the classroom RAF pilot Lauren talks to the children about her job in a bid to break down gender stereotypes Of the 66 pictures drawn by the children that day, only five of them were women. In the video, the youngsters talk about the men they have drawn. One says ‘Mine’s called firefighter Gary’, while another describes his firefighter as being ‘big and strong’. When asked what his surgeon is called, a boy replies:

How a new book on the RAF centenary reveals the unsung heroes of the Battle of Britain

The entry into service of the F B – which will be flown by both RAF and Royal Navy pilots – heralds the revival of Britain’s ability to launch sea-borne operations from aircraft carriers. But it is much more than this. This provides greater survivability than previous aircraft designs. It can conduct strike missions and act as a superb intelligence gathering and target-acquisition asset in a way which would be extremely risky for existing fighters like Typhoon. Its sensors can suck up information and pass this to other aircraft or combat systems, giving a whole new level of situational awareness in complex air operations.

The presence of the F effectively ups the capabilities of older aircraft engaged in the same mission.

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A Hamilton US military “general purpose” watch from In keeping with similar watches of this type, the dial bears the “H3” mark which I think signifies the use of Tritium in the luminescent compound and the Radiation tri-foil symbol. The back of the watch bears the relevant military specification, part number and date information, together with the instruction that it should be disposed of as “radiation waste”. This watch has an interesting life story! As I understand it, it was procured, along with many other watches, by the British MoD in the ‘s and was evaluated at Herstmonceux Castle at that time owned by the Admiralty for potential military use.

In the 70’s, the watches used in the evaluation were sold and became part of a private collection. Ownership was then transferred to the author of a well-known book on military timepieces who, in , sold the watch on to another collector. Later, the watch briefly appeared on eBay, but the buyer returned it to the seller as he thought it was too small for him, thus enabling me to acquire it instead: In the ‘s the British Ministry of Defence produced a standard specification for watches to be issued to the armed forces.

This Longines also sometimes referred to as the “Greenlander” as it was supposedly used by members of the British North Greenland Expedition between and dates to although it appears to have had what I suspect is an MOD redial at a later date.

The family of this RAF hero, 95, who died in Salford want his funeral to be absolutely packed

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A pilot responsible for defending Britain’s skies says that Russian military flights into our airspace is mere “posturing”.

These include 99 Russian military aircraft between and Prince William and Wg Cdr Chisholm watch at display With crews working hour shifts, the year-old said that during such times they are at a “really heightened state of alert” and added that it was “hard to actually fall asleep”. Read More The day royalty came to visit – schoolchildren give Prince William a very special welcome at RAF Coningsby Describing how there was “a lot of intense activity, running and jumping” into aircraft, Wg Cdr Chisholm said it became noisy when the jets were fired up.

A Typhoon jet Image: AFP Wg Cdr Chisholm said that by the time the pilots were running out to the aircraft they had a “pretty good idea” of what they were heading to and were “never blind to the situation”.

It helps that his brother, co-presenter and total lookalike Colin, was an RAF pilot who saw active service in Iraq and now trains pilots at RAF Lossiemouth. Both, anyway, Want to read more?

Share shares Some pilots have been told to carry a sidearm over Iraq and this will be extended to Syria in all cases, a source said. It came as Russia is issuing its warplane pilots on missions over Syria with pistols and Kalashnikov machine guns in case they are forced to eject and defend themselves on the ground. Britain will not be issuing machineguns, just the usual Glock or Browning pistol RAF pilots are trained to use. The pair were finally released after seven weeks.

Speaking last year Mr Nichol said: They know the risks, they understand the dangers’. The Prime Minister will ‘decapitate’ the ‘snake’s head’ of ISIS and will also target names on the UK’s high-profile ‘kill list’ of Britons fighting in the war-torn country. A vote on new airstrikes in Syria could be as early as Wednesday and if MPs agree the bombing could begin that night.

In order to force it through MPs are being offered an intelligence briefing and ‘tea and biscuits’ by the Tories to encourage them to pack the Prime Minister, a senior Labour source told MailOnline. Sources close to the Prime Minister say he has been ‘enraged’ by senior ISIS figures being able to hide in Syria and ‘wants to take them out’.

RAF Milfield – Arguably One of Britain’s Most Significant Airfields.

In Old English , carrots typically white at the time were not clearly distinguished from parsnips: Various languages still use the same word for “carrot” as they do for “root”; e. A naturally occurring subspecies of the wild carrot was presumably bred selectively over the centuries to reduce bitterness, increase sweetness and minimise the woody core; this process produced the familiar garden vegetable.

The facing page states that “the root can be cooked and eaten.

The stealth planes, which cost £92m each, are the first in a new fleet of RAF fighters.

The supersonic planes will be based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, where they are expected to be in operation by the end of December. World’s most advanced jet in first combat A fifth jet which set off from the US Marine base returned to South Carolina after the aircraft took fuel from an airborne RAF tanker. The planes had been due to fly to the UK on Wednesday, but the mission was postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

They will be part of the recently reformed squadron – nicknamed The Dambusters after one of the squadron’s missions during World War Two. The entry into service of the F B – which will be flown by both RAF and Royal Navy pilots – heralds the revival of Britain’s ability to launch sea-borne operations from aircraft carriers.

But it is much more than this. The F B, according to Douglas Barrie, senior fellow for military aerospace at the IISS, “is the first aircraft that will enter British service designed from the outset to be low-observable, that is stealthy. This provides greater survivability than previous aircraft designs.

Earlier Air Commodore David Bradshaw said: Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson described the jets as “game-changing”. Image copyright Getty Images.

Four RAF F-35 fighter jets land in UK

Background Bullwhacker Airstrip Montana is known for its majestic mountains. But there is another spectacular place that is largely unchanged since Lewis and Clark ascended the Missouri River over years ago, the Missouri River Breaks in north-central Montana. The Monument encompasses over , acres and includes ten primitive airstrips within the Monument boundary, dating back to the s. Representatives of the two aviation groups attended public meetings and provided educational material for the BLM in making knowledgeable decisions in regard to airstrips and recreational aviation.

The Royal Air Force developed a distinctive slang which has been documented in works such as Piece of Cake and the Dictionary of RAF slang.. The following is a comprehensive selection of slang terms and common abbreviations used by British Armed Forces from before World War II until the present day; less common abbreviations are not included.

The airman took part in a top secret sortie to help the Norwegians in their last ditch effort to repel the Germans after they invaded in April Some 18 Gloster Gladiator biplanes landed near Aandelsnes only to find a lack of facilities, fuel and ammunition for them. The planes were destroyed in a German bombardment but not before the British had taken down 14 enemy aircraft. Wing Commander Kitchener — not related to the First World War army chief Lord Kitchener — and the men of Squadron were equipped with another 18 Gladiator biplanes to support the Battle of Narvik, further north.

Over a period of days Wg Cdr Kitchener and his fellow pilots engaged in furious dog-fights and claimed 50 victories in all. Wg Cdr Kitchener shot down two German bombers and two Stuka dive-bombers and helped provide air cover for the evacuation of Narvik. Some of the biplanes returned to the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious which was later attacked with many killed. Wg Cdr Kitchener had earlier been assigned an aircraft which he flew back to Britain in. He was later awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for his bravery in Norway and the Norwegian Cross — the equivalent of the Victoria Cross — for helping the country in its time of need.

The day before he had been due at Buckingham Palace to receive his decorations in March he was tasked with intercepting a German Junkers 88 bomber off the Cornish coast. His Westland Whirlwind fighter was badly shot up and he was forced to make a crash landing at St Evel aerodrome — suffering serious injuries. Timothy Medhurst, of Duke’s, said: It is always amazing to delve into the past and highlight the bravery of men and women during the First and Second World Wars.

After the outbreak of war he joined Squadron.

How a new book on the RAF centenary reveals the unsung heroes of the Battle of Britain

Through the last year of the war the unwavering pilots who flew these two mighty aircraft became the scourge of the German Army, blasting their way through armoured formations, destroying airfields, shipping, barges, bridges, trains, marshalling yards, rail hubs, anything to support the advancing British and Canadian armies as they battled their way through Belgium and the Netherlands towards the Rhine.

Having just destroyed two Dornier Do18 flying boats on the water, he now helps finish off a Bf and a Fw that have tried to pounce from above. It was probably the most versatile aircraft of World War Two and the missions undertaken by the Mosquito and her crews have rarely been equalled for their daring or precision.

What made the Mosquito unique however is that it was built mainly of wood and, at a time when metal was in extremely short supply, was a triumph of construction.

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These include commemorating the achievements of the RAF family and creating a lasting legacy. Breitling continues to supply watches for military personnel. This new collection will feature a limited number of four new models. It also offers a springboard to inspire future generations by showing them the work of a highly technical and effective service, full of outstanding individuals. We will make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and inspire the future.

On the centenary anniversary of the Royal Air Force, we are proud to continue our long-standing partnership to commemorate this historical event with the RAF Appeal, to celebrate those who have secured the skies over the past years and inspire the new generation of aviators. Breitling has been part of that story for a long time, and releasing its first limited collection of RAF watches is a celebration of that heritage. The campaign will run from October — September with a diverse range of events, activities, charitable initiatives and new licenced products.

Mystery of ace fighter pilot arrested in the pub

He is pictured with a number of police offices outside what is thought to be Brighton Town Hall, which was then the main police station. In the fading light, the year-old was nursing his badly shot up plane over the Channel. He knew only a few words of English, but he knew his engine was about to explode. If it did, it would kill him. He needed to make those final watery yards — back to his new home. The Battle of Britain was at its peak, and the young Czech was helping.

An RAF spokesman said: “This incident was caused by the pilot becoming momentarily distracted by other tasks which led to the aircraft descending to a lower height than air traffic control had.

The Newcastle Journal reported that lights would turn themselves on and off in the sickbay, and an internal door which was kept locked would be open by morning. Personnel near the sickbay would hear footsteps and other strange noises at night, even though the area was secure. Some blamed the ghost of an officer killed on site during World War Two. Addington – General area Type: Dying after his aircraft crashed nearby, this World War 2 pilot is still occasionally seen walking around this former village.

Addington – Wooded area near Courtwood Lane Type:

The air force men who fly drones in Afghanistan by remote control

These series also include the ORBs of allied and dominion air forces serving under British command. They sometimes include nominal rolls, lists of officers and details of promotions, transfers or awards. Crashes, casualties and combat reports Some of the First World War, Second World War and interwar record series listed in subsequent sections of this guide contain details of crashes and casualties. Alternatively, and to target your search to specific record series, try the following: You can order a high-resolution copy of this photograph from our Image Library.

The pilots and space cadets of the future could be trained in Cornwall thanks to a new Aviation Academy.. The proposed new academy at RAF St Mawgan, near Newquay Airport, aims to .

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more Police and MI5 ‘missed chances’ to stop Manchester bombing This is the first picture of the pilot who miraculously survived a horrifying Red Arrows jet crash in Wales which killed his RAF engineer crewmate. Witnesses have told how Mr Stark was seen landing safely a few hundred yards from the crash site. Nick Tucker-Lowe said a Red Arrows engineer had been killed in the “tragic accident” and the pilot was receiving medical care.

He didn’t disclose the pilot’s condition or release the names of the air crew. Video shot by a witness showed black smoke billowing from the airfield. Then it just burned bright orange and there was smoke everywhere. Their red single-engine jet trainers are a familiar sight at air shows and military events. RAF engineer dead in Red Arrows jet crash in Wales The team has had few fatal accidents, but two Red Arrows pilots died in – one when his jet crashed after taking part in an air show in southern England and the other when he was ejected from his aircraft while it was on the ground.

Emergency services including an air ambulance rushed to the scene after they received a call about the incident at 1. Witnesses reported seeing a “big fireball” after the jet crashed, and some suggested they saw one person eject from the aircraft.

VIDEO: Check out these RAF pilots refuelling in mid air

The entry in question was Technician entry – Last seen as a civilian at Abingdon in early s Andy King?? Reported as moving to America after marriage Any of the above, or anyone knowing their current whereabouts can contact me on Email tednchris. Anyone else still alive and kicking? He may not have survived the war. She was stationed at RAF Locking around

Sep 24,  · The air force men who fly drones in Afghanistan by remote control The unmanned aircraft patrolling the skies above Afghanistan are controlled by pilots sitting in front of screens as far as 7,

These not only tell of the history of the airfield but also the story of the men and women who served there and those who lived in the area. The Heritage Centre ensures that future generations will remember their service. We are an independent, fully accredited, museum run entirely by volunteers and in we were proud to receive The Queens Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award for volunteer groups in the UK.

You only have to read our reviews on TripAdvisor to be assured that you will receive a warm and friendly welcome. It is consistently shown as the No. There is something for everyone regardless of age including local and aviation history dating back over years to That was less than 10 years after the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers in America. Aircraft were a rare and fascinating sight with pilots as famous as film stars.

Come and see our full size replica B. Children are especially welcome and will find lots to see and experience. Education and heritage are very important to us and unlike many visitor attractions we will never charge admission for children.

Do pilots date flight attendants?