By Nolan Moore via Listverse If you read between the lines of your favorite novel, you might discover a crazy conspiracy theory. From Elizabethan England to the 21st century, people have made some pretty weird claims about books and the folks who wrote them, ranging from secret identities to dastardly deeds. Rowling was just an average working mom who became a world-renowned, uber-wealthy author. According to Norwegian filmmaker Nine Grunfeld, there is no J. The author never existed. Grunfeld believes the Harry Potter books are just too successful to be the work of one woman. Grunfeld claims this whole operation is too professional, too slick to be the result of a single author.

Tom Izzo Dared Kansas’ Udoka Azubuike To Beat Him, And He Did

Helping tell your digital story Denise Fike Fashion Illustrations denise. The drawings are enclosed in a hand-made, oversized envelope for an additional special touch. Head to the end for links to the City, CBSPhilly and Philly Voice with concise info The parade route has been planned with the safety and security of fans in mind. Tremendous crowds are expected, and we urge everyone attending the parade to celebrate safely and respectfully in a way that will make Philadelphia shine.

INSURANCE: All vendors must provide proof of general liability insurance in the amount of One Million Dollars ($1,,) naming Charles R. Drew University of .

The 75th Golden Globe Awards, however, were different. This year, the political statement was woven into the very fiber of the ceremony. It was there in the black couture sported by everyone in the room — the women in elegant dresses, the men in suits with matching obsidian shirts and ties, a statement of solidarity that became, through its ubiquity, a symbolic piece of visual background decor, though one that worked just fine, since it was all setting the stage for the fireworks to come.

And it was there, most spectacularly, in the speech made by Oprah Winfrey , two hours into the ceremony, as she accepted the Cecil B. She took it to the mountaintop. For a few glowing moments, her words transcended the very purpose of the awards. Throughout the night, though, the awards themselves seemed to fuse with the declaration of a new activist spirit.

Where was Greta Gerwig?

Sierra Santos – Hosing Down Her Sweet Tits – Latina Sex Tape

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Marlo (Charlize Theron), pregnant with her and husband Drew’s (Ron Livingston) third child, just about manages to keep on top of lifts, shopping and cooking as well as caring for her shy pre.

OK I got to hear this story, would you mind sharing? Some meth-heads accused me of stealing their dog and threatening to kill their kids. I actually in the company of a retired deputy sheriff while I did this and during the incident. Obviously I simply refused to speak. Fortunately, two other officers responded to the call and calmed red-eye down and I did not get shot.

Turns out the dog was sleeping under their porch and the kids were lying. This has since escalated into an outright war with the city. I go to court again this coming Tuesday for the crime of not buying their electricity. This is no shit. This is for real. This has been going on for a decade. Yet these people bring their hatred to what was once my sanctuary. My stage name is not hard to figure out. Were the meth heads well connected?

TRAVEL Extra’s Sunday Supplement:

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel At Christmas in , more than 30 million sat down to watch an East End landlord serve divorce papers to his long-suffering wife. It was an acting masterclass in sneering, scowling, superbly-controlled spite. The pleasure taken in inflicting pain was both unforgettable and unbearable. That scene still ranks as a landmark in British TV history. In the era of multi-channel television, the viewing figures are unlikely ever to equalled.

Dirty Den was one of the most memorable soap opera characters – at times a rough diamond, at others a really nasty piece of work.

Drew McNerney’s high school sports timeline. MaxPreps has events and updates about Drew McNerney while he was playing lacrosse, basketball and soccer at Tully High School and Tully High School dating as far back as

Jack is investigating the deaths of several mob underbosses, while Galen is looking into the disappearances of alien prostitutes. Galen wants Jack to back off, until Dredd suggests they work together. Turns out, Bob, the bartender at The High Dive , is drugging the girls with a chemical which reacts violently with semen , causing massive explosions. The whole point of the “Trifecta” crossover is that halfway through it turns out that Jack, Dirty Frank and Dredd are all working the same case.

Films — Live-Action In L. Confidential it turns out that all three of the good cops or anyway, the not so bad cops are working different angles of the same case. After being rescued by Bond, the mysterious Jinx reveals that she’s an NSA agent—in a slight subversion, Bond has already realized that she’s one of the good guys—and that they’re both pursuing the same villain.

Sundance Film Review: Charlize Theron in ‘Tully’

I never, ever intended to stay with my childhood sweetheart forever. A breakup plan, if you will. This beautiful man has been nothing but good to me and loves me so much, and all I think about all nigh Released- Sep 22, Prologue, 26 Chapters.

So I’m trying to stay up on my sneakers and balance my life more. I had finished the Jose Rizal sneakers for my cousin’s event up in Oakland, and I wanted to keep the momentum going as best I could. I’ve had these velcro kid’s CG (Carlos Gruber) sneakers for a while and decided to have at it.

Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead: Canterlot High’s Applejack is gay. In Raindancer , Izuku is heavily implied to be either gay or bisexual, given his flustered reaction and Luminescent Blush in response to seeing Eijirou’s new look and commenting on Hanta’s form-fitting Hero Costume. Itsuka is portrayed in a similar manner, blushing and sputtering when Mina starts calling her by her first name when she mistakes the conversation for a Love Confession.

Eijirou is also blushing when he sees Izuku’s surprised reaction to his Expository Hairstyle Change. Jasmine and Sammy are lesbians in a relationship.


Her husband, Ron, is loving and works hard, but remains clueless about the demands that motherhood puts on his wife. When the baby is born, Marlo’s wealthy brother hires a nighttime nanny named Tully to help his sister handle the workload. Hesitant at first, Marlo soon learns to appreciate all that Tully does:

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Big Brother Winner Tim: We spoke to a very happy and chatty Tim yesterday, while he was shopping along Bondi beach with fellow housemate Anthony “Drew” Drew. He excitedly spilled all the beans on his time in the house, and revealed some interesting developments. Read our interview with Tim to find out who’s hooking up with who, which contestants aren’t speaking, and if the housemates really did go hungry during staples week.

An Interview with Popsugar Tim Dormer: How are you feeling, has it sunk in yet? It hasn’t sunk in yet, it’s crazy! I feel like I’m. I’m with Drew right now, we’re shopping at Bondi Beach. I’m still pinching myself, did it actually really happen? How have the last two days been for you? I didn’t sleep the first night, the night I won. We had a big party but I just had waters because I knew the next morning I had to be up at 4am to start doing radio interviews. It’s been good having all the other housemates all together, but it’s strange because some of them aren’t talking to each other and there are fights and arguments, and there have been new hook-ups after the show and I’m just like, “Ahh!

Drew Estate Father’s Day Contest

The new Head of House Cat invited her crush Lawson in the sanctuary, and things appeared to have heated up under the doona. Tully had a girlfriend outside the house, but had fallen in love with housemate Drew. They were just friendly at first, but had become more intimate as they grew closer.

“LOL is a witty mini-satire of post-collegiates trying to connect romantically and erotically (at least, the women are) in a tangle of up-to-the-minute technology.” -Gerald Peary, The Boston Phoenix – (REVIEW).

Speeddaters Comedy Announced somethings Tim and Kate are awesome. And everybody knows it. When they finally meet their match in each other, a misunderstanding leads to an outrageous prank war, threatening to destroy their lives and friendships. Easy as Pie Comedy, Sport Announced A teen jock wagers that he can make his cheerleader ex-girlfriend hook up with the school’s openly gay guy in a matter of days, realizing that he still loves her.

She seems to be falling for the gay guy, so he fights to win her back. Happy Ending Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi Pre-production An alien predator invades a remote, desert bordello forcing the working girls and their Johns to fight for their lives – and humanity’s survival. He then goes through the dilemma of dating again, with surprising and often hilarious results. The Ellen and Ted Show Comedy, Romance Announced A fringe theatre actress living hand-to-mouth is suddenly thrust into the national media spotlight when she becomes an unlikely hit on a vacuous reality show.

White Widow 90 min Comedy, Crime, Drama Announced Looking for romance, but attracted to the wrong men, a young woman finds herself with a cache of stolen diamonds on the run from mobsters. White Chocolate I Adventure, Comedy, Drama Announced Three friends and couples, mainly Diego, David and Jonathan who will meet with Deborah, Amanda and Angela in their twenties and thirties, want to be filmmakers but are facing with the Bluegrass Run Comedy, Romance Pre-production Chicago mobster on the run from possible indictments; Meets female Derby Horse owner on-line and decides to travel to Kentucky to lay low.

Wealthy father running for Governor exposes Contractors I Animation, Action, Adventure Announced A pair of contractors build a dream house for a millionaire, who happens to be engaged to one of their ex-girlfriends. Losing It Comedy Pre-production “American Girls” is a comedy about three teenage girls in their High school senior year, who vowed to keep their virginity till college.

‘Property Brothers’ Star Drew Scott & Linda Phan Are Married

Both films contain material of a highly adult nature. One is from Austin, one is from Chicago. Both present contemporary sexuality in ways that are frank, funny and might make you blush. The small cast served as the only crew on the film, an intimate, humorous, no-holds-barred look at sex and infidelity in post-collegiate relationships that features frank dialogue and explicit sex.

I had heard from other filmmakers who had previously attended the Maryland Film Festival that it was a good time, but nothing could have prepared Kevin, Tipper, or I for the amount of fun we would have in Baltimore We had our good friend Spencer Parsons crashing with us at the hotel this time.

Theresa Jane “TJ” Whitlock (born 1 July ) was a bar attendant from Darwin, Northern describes herself as “unique, bizarre, and complex”. TJ had a tempestuous relationship with fellow housemate Bodie while in the house.

Edit Drew is shy and reserved. He is an introvert and sensitive person. Despite his father abandoning him and the rest of his family at a young age, he still looks up to him and wants him to be in his life. Most of the time, he is uncomfortable approaching his mother about certain topics. He doesn’t know how to act around girls and often asks Amber or his uncle Adam for advice about dating.

Season 1 Edit From the beginning, Drew is viewed as a quiet boy who misses his father. Unlike his sister, he doesn’t cause problems and isn’t rebellious, but his relationship with his mother isn’t close.

Working the Same Case

Her husband Drew Ron Livingston helps the kids with their homework, but is preoccupied by his day job, and after the kids goes to bed spends most nights zonked in front of the TV playing video games. Marlo is skeptical, but after a few horrendous nights and days trying to balance two children and a newborn she calls the number the night nanny. Marlo is still skeptical of what Tully offers does she really need someone to bring her daughter to her in bed to be breastfed?

As the days and weeks progress, Tully is full of constant encouragement and random factoids. Davis portrays Tully with an exuberant optimism that seems slightly atypical for a year-old, but her chemistry with Theron somehow makes it work. Reitman is often at his best when he can join forces with an exceptional actor, and Theron once again helps with the heavy lifting.

Overlord WWII war plus horror thriller about American paratroopers trying to survive behind enemy lines on D-Day. Their mission is to attack and destroy a fortified Nazi radio tower but what they discover instead is a lot of Nazi zombie super-soldiers.

Her body language says this woman is so over this but trying to put up a good front—for her family and maybe herself, too. Here, they craft a portrait of motherhood around postpartum depression, along with broader anxieties. Marlo and her husband, Drew Ron Livingston, Loudermilk , worry about money, especially with their unplanned third child on the way. Understanding partners might recognize pieces of their lives here, too. Their house looks like the wake of a tornado spreading toys, clothes, and clutter.

When Marlo whips together a frozen pizza for dinner with microwaved vegetables, her expression speaks volumes about how this is all she can muster. Marlo bristles at first. But after a particularly bad day, she opts for the night nanny after all. Tully Mackenzie Davis, Blade Runner is a free spirit who lives with a roommate and has a complicated love life.

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