I decided to create a separate blog post for additional Korean dramas. I thought this list is getting too long and some of you might be having hard time loading the page. Please click here to check the part 2 of this list. I would say I used to hate Romantic Comedy dramas. And then I met my husband, Lee Min Ho. I know they were crap, but some unspecified addictive chemical in them kept me drinking. And because I got too addicted to it, I came up with an idea to embark on a quest to find the good quality romantic comedies. Feel free to scroll down below.

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“Real” es la nueva película para este de Kim Soo Hyun donde interpretará a Jang Tae Young un hombre delincuente, de corazón duro. Dispuesto a todo con tal de obtener lo que necesita para resolver sus problemas. Su sueño es construir un hotel y un casino para convertirse en un hombre muy poderoso.

Jung Eun-ji as Choi Choon-hee Despite being in her early twenties, Choon-hee is the bread winner of her household and she works to make ends meet while taking care of her father and younger sister. Her late mother was a trot singer, and Choon-hee inherited her singing talent and dreams of following in her footsteps. She gets all the practice time she can squeeze in by belting out in noraebangs. Arrogant and prickly in personality, he loathes trot which he considers low-brow.

But he later helps the no-name Choon-hee realize her dream of becoming a trot singer. Despite being cynical, he is elegant, charming and outgoing. Geun-woo signs Choon-hee as Shine Star’s latest talent and later falls for her. Lee Se-young as Park Soo-in Seemingly the perfect girl next door, she is a trainee at Shine Star who becomes Choon-hee’s biggest rival in everything, from work to love. Son Ho-jun as Seol Tae-song Joon-hyun’s manager. Taking his name from legendary trot singers Seol Woon-do, Tae Jin-ah and Song Dae-kwan, he too, dreams of becoming a trot singer someday.

At first she bosses Choon-hee around when the latter enters the company, but the two eventually become good friends. Lee Yi-kyung as Shin Hyo-yeol Joon-hyun’s younger colleague and rival, who holds nothing back when it comes to getting what he wants. Finally she picks up the phone, and apologizes for not answering sooner. When he notes her solemn expression, she asks if he wants to go somewhere fun.

Jinwoon Is Eunji’s First Virtual Boyfriend on “Dating Alone”

This is sometimes done in order to maintain the loyalty of the fans. But it turned out a little differently done by one of the members of 2PM, Chansung. More recently, the program Beatles Code, Chansung reveals that she once dated a member 2PM after debut! Only one time only. Do you keep it a secret from your agency itself?

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Final series review You know how I was just complaining that there’s nothing to watch? Well now, in the space of a couple of days, I’m having trouble deciding what to watch first! Kang Yeon Doo Jung Eun Ji is the leader of her school’s dance team, a ragtag group of outcasts who rank at the bottom of the academic barrel. The two eventually find themselves forced to mesh their two teams into one.

Can they make it work? If you’ve ever seen a sports movie, the answer is almost certainly yes, but only after some sweet training montages. Number of episodes watched: I generally need four episodes to really get a feel for a series, but I didn’t see reviews on the bigger recapping sites yet and and want people to talk about it with me, so let’s just jump in a little early and chat together, shall we?


Story of idol ‘A’ who dumped her boyfriend after finding success On the TV show ‘Brave Journalists’, a journalist talked about a ‘A’, the member of Korea’s best girl group. Known for her free spirited personality and leadership qualities, she’s always habitually said on broadcast that she wants to date and emphasizes her innocence and lack of dating experience. The journalist revealed that she, however, began dating her boyfriend since her trainee days. A’s group and debut album hit daebak and have grown now to become one of Korea’s best girl group.

Her boyfriend B, however, did not go through with his a debut and stopped his training. A maintained her relationship despite her newfound fame but time eventually pulled them apart and B had a hard time adjusting to his new famous girlfriend.

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He launched his singing career after winning the talent reality show Superstar K in , and made his acting breakthrough in tvN’s Reply Early life and education Seo was born on October 23, , in Ulsan. Seo trained as a ssireum wrestler, learnt boxing and mixed martial arts in school and is a Hapkido 2nd dan. He performed at family gatherings and school events, and went on to study Applied Music at Daebul University , also auditioning in entertainment agencies.

The subsequent spotlight came with a hectic schedule of recording, photoshoots, interviews and television appearances as well as chart-topping singles and albums. Seo’s portrayal of a teenage boy in unrequited love with his childhood best friend won praise from both audiences and critics.

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Seo In Guk Seasons Of The Heart Indo Sub. Facebook Twitter Google + Stumbleupon LinkedIn Pinterest. Seo In Guk Uc11cucuad6d Seasons Of The Heart Ubub77cub Uacc4uc Cover. Play and Listen Seo In Guk Uc11cucuad6d Seasons Of .

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Suho x Jane Jang – Dinner Lyrics

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Ae Cha Jun 04 pm Just completed watching. I love Kim Woo Bin and decided to watch this drama cuz I missed his acting. This is a heart wrenching drama, I cried. I wish there are more happy moments for Joon Young before the end was really sad.

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Eunji on Dating Alone