I’m just trying to save the money of having a professional come out if there’s any chance I can do this myself. I moved into my house a few years ago and noticed there was cat5 wiring in 3 rooms. I mentioned it to the Verizon tech who installed my router, but he said he’d have to install the router where my main computer would be set up, that he couldn’t help me figure out the wiring. I work from home but I didn’t have a need for the cat5 wiring until recently when my office because my son’s room. I use a laptop, so at first I connected wirelessly. It’s in an unfinished part of our basement. I tried hooking my router up to the coax in the basement and it didn’t work.

ethernet cable hook up

Read the Complete Thread Stanton posts on June 22, FLMike posts on June 17, I recently upgraded to a 50MB Cable Internet service from Comcast and went through figuring this out on my own. Here are links to both for reference: I have been extremely pleased with the results. I currently have my Squeezebox, Blu-Ray player and Xbox hooked up to the bridge.

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Premium Member Feb 6: No, you can’t simply plug the other end of the magic jack into a phone jack in the wall and make all your phones work. You get 1 jack, built into the magic jack. Is it possible to take that output of the magic jack and make all the jacks in the house work? No much; but more than you apparently have. Not being rude, but I can tell by the questions you’re asking and not realizing that the DSL is on the same line as your existing home phone, that it would be difficult to explain it to you.

If you find that you like the magic jack, and you want a lot of phones connected to it, then I suggest you get a cordless phone set with like 4 handsets. Plug the main unit into the magic jack and spread the 4 cordless units around the house. Trying to explain any other alternative is going to be technical and confusing. Again; not trying to be rude, arrogant, or condescending.

Get the magic jack to work. Leave ALL existing phone lines, cords, phones, etc

Coax cable outlet into ethernet port

All of them connect the same way. The Sanyo remote control can be used to switch quickly from one component to another using the input function. Step Check the connections on the back of the Sanyo to determine which type of cable to use. If the jacks are color-coded green, red and blue, with an additional pair of red and white cables, then the Sanyo is designed to use component video cables.

If you have the newer ‘Slim line’ PlayStation 2s then you just hook an 1 end of the Ethernet cable into the Ps2 and the other end into an Ethernet wall jack/router.

But the installation of DSL does not limit your access to phone services at the same time. With the use of a splitter during installation, you can have access to both Internet and telephone services at the same time, without interference between the two. Contact a DSL provider in your area, usually the telephone company or another Internet service provider ISP , and sign up for services. Plug a telephone wire into one of the splitter jacks.

Plug the other end of the wire into the jack on the rear of the DSL modem. Plug an Ethernet cable into the rear of the DSL modem, and then plug the other end of the cable into an available Ethernet port on your computer. Plug the power cord of the modem into a nearby outlet. Turn on your computer and wait for the computer to launch the desktop screen. Turn on the modem and wait for it to make a connection with your ISP.

The online indicator light should light up when the connection is made. Plug a DSL line filter into the second jack of the splitter to filter out any noise from the connection. Plug the second telephone wire into the filter and, then into the telephone to allow you to use phone service along with your Internet service.

basic phone and ethernet over same cat 6 cable

If I were to take out the 2 white cords going into the cable jack that is connected to the satt dish on the roof, there would be a small hole, barely big enough to fit my little finger through, in other words I could fit a straw through and you could see it from outside. If you are planning to remove your satellite service, then you certainly could use that existing hole to feed the Comcast cable through to the wall plate if your old Comcast feeder cable is still connected to the Comcast pedestal, and is simply coiled up nearby.

Since I can’t really see the size of the hole, and since you say their are two cables already feeding through the hole, only you can decide if there might be enough room to force three cables through the hole to feed a new multi-outlet wall plate if you are going to keep the satellite service. However, as others have pointed out, if you no longer have a feed to your house from the Comcast pedestal, a Comcast installer will need to do it.

Self installs are only meant for customers who already have a physical Comcast connection. And even if the physical cable is still there and it feeds into the Comcast pedestal, it may have been disconnected inside the pedestal when you terminated your Comcast service, and that will still require a visit from a Comcast installer.

Easily done. First connect one of the router LAN ports to the wall jack in the bedroom using a standard Ethernet cable (RJ). Next, in the basement connect your computer to the same Ethernet cable that leads to the router. There are two ways to do this, the second being the best.

Radio waves burning holes in your brain as packets of data containing a Netflix movie fly through the air over to your TV; what could be better? Neighbors using up your bandwidth watching cat videos on YouTube. Signal dropping every time you take your iPad into the bathroom and try to download a new app you know you do it. Agonizingly slow speeds every time your other family members jump on the network. Setting up a wireless network properly can alleviate all of these problems.

Resolving these issues is actually pretty easy. This guide takes you through the basic set up and configuration of a wireless router, and points you to a few extra resources to help optimize the system. You could skip this part of the tutorial if you want, but it provides a fundamental understanding of how a wireless network works that will help frame the rest of the guide and allow you to troubleshoots problems more easily.

Modem — The modem is the first link in this chain. It allows your home to connect to the Internet. Power is for, well, power.

Ethernet Adapter Phone Jacks

No dial tone Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the dial tone problem on your phone. If no dial tone is present on your phone, check to make sure that all receivers are on the hook and the telephone line is plugged into the jack. If the problem is on one phone only, use a different phone. If you still do not have a dial tone, try a different phone jack to determine whether the issue is with the phone or the phone jack.

If the issue is with the phone jack or is happening on all of your phones, contact Verizon Repair for assistance.

Step 4 Attach the Ethernet cable to the 10/ SW network port and wall jack. If you are connecting a network device (such as a computer) to the phone, attach the cable to the 10/ PC access port. If you are using an external power supply, plug the power cord into the phone and dress the cord by clipping it into the clips incorporated into.

The PRE is an alternating pattern of ones and zeros that tells receiving stations that a frame is coming, and that provides a means to synchronize the frame-reception portions of receiving physical layers with the incoming bit stream. Start-of-frame delimiter SFD – 1 byte. The SOF is an alternating pattern of ones and zeros, ending with two consecutive 1-bits indicating that the next bit is the left-most bit in the left-most byte of the destination address.

Destination address DA – 6 bytes. The DA field identifies which station s should receive the frame.. Source addresses SA – 6 bytes. The SA field identifies the sending station. This field indicates either the number of MAC-client data bytes that are contained in the data field of the frame, or the frame type ID if the frame is assembled using an optional format. This sequence contains a bit cyclic redundancy check CRC value, which is created by the sending MAC and is recalculated by the receiving MAC to check for damaged frames.

There are two slightly different frame formats used in Ethernet. If these two bytes are greater than 05DC hex decimal , the frame is a Version 2 frame. Since all type fields are greater than decimal the maximum Ethernet frame size , both frame types can easily coexist on the same network. Some network protocol analyzers call a Version 2 frame an Ethertype frame because of this two-byte Type field.

This is an Ethernet Version 2 frame:

How to Run Composite Video and Network Data Through an Ethernet Cable

Quite simply, that is what VoIP can do for you. Connecting to a newer phone company’s network directly via the Internet instead of by dedicated copper wire , providing you with a device which provides phone service a dial tone. You just plug your new VoIP device into a spare port on the router connected to your Internet modem. They have switched to VoIP, or use only a cell phone. A Telephone company ‘tel co’, or just ‘telco’ has proprietary internal high speed networks like an Internet connected to ‘central offices’ CO.

A CO building example right is usually a very plain non-descript brick building in your neighborhood with no windows for security reasons.

Wall plates work in generally the same way whether the wall plates is for speakers or audio/video cables. In the graphic above we use the example of a 1 speaker wall plate. The wall plate is installed on your wall just as an everyday electrical or phone jack is.

Not just an extension to your current phone, but another line with its own number. It could be used as the kids’ phone or reserved for home business or Internet use. And all the while your original phone line will remain open for making and receiving calls. Installing a new phone line is surprisingly easy and safe. Phone wires carry a very weak electrical charge and you’ll only need a few basic tools to complete the job.

But best of all, most of the wiring needed to connect a second phone line is already in your home.

Setting up a home network